Ramandolo is a sweet white wine from the village of the same name, in the hills near Nimis. This was the first wine in the region to receive the DOCG label. It is made from Verduzzo Friulano grapes produced in a small area of the Colli Orientali del Friuli. It is a very old sweet wine variety, probably of Middle Eastern origin, which was already included in the list of wines served to Pope Gregory XII at the Council of 1409. The vineyards are cultivated on the sunny, gentle Friuli hills, in the Ramadolo area between the towns of Nimis and Tarcento, in the land of the Celts and the Lombards. Production is less than 300.000 bottles a year.

  • Grapes: Verduzzo Friulano - Ramandolo
  • Colour: intense golden yellow, old gold.
  • Bouquet: intense bouquet, fruity with hints of chestnut honey and apricot.
  • Flavour: generally medium-sweet or sweet, slightly tannic, with a strong
    character and high in alcohol especially if produced with raisin grapes.
  • Best served with: delicious with San Daniele cured ham and ripe figs, with lard,
    Nimis salami, aged cheeses, smoked trout, foie gras and, naturally, with
    Uessuz biscuits, Ramandolini, Gubana and pinza.