Brachetto d'Asti

Brachetto d'Asti A superb Piedmontese dessert wine, Brachetto d'Acqui is much in demand on the other side of the Atlantic, although output is extremely limited. According to popular tradition, the wine was greatly appreciated by, and was the preferred beverage of, one of the most famous characters of the Italian comedy in masks, Gianduja da Gioan d'laduja or Giovanni of the Jug. The figure drew inspiration for his bubbly high spirits from this fizzy ruby red with a fragrant foam. The character had the reputation of being a heavy drinker. And he regarded Brachetto as the wine most suited to filling the jug he always carried around with him and to satisfying his refined palate. Brachetto's origin is much disputed. According to the most reasonable hypothesis, the variety originated in the hills around Asti and, more probably, in the Monferrato, which is the home of many other famous Piedmontese wines. However, Demaria and Leardi in their Ampelografia della Provincia di Alessandria , published in 1875, argued that Piedmontese Brachetto, which is quite fragrant and aromatic, origined at Nizza Marittima. Any discussion of Brachetto immediately brings to mind images of country festivals when, during the summer, fires light up the hills and draw people from their homes into the roads and courtyards to eat and drink together.

The modern production area is rather limited, with output confined to the territories of various communes in the province of Asti, primarily Nizza Monferrato, and that of Alessandria, principally Acqui. However, its limited production is compensated by its fine quality, which makes this wine incomparable.
  • Grapes: 100% Brachetto
  • Colour: Intense rosé. Medium size bubbles
  • Bouquet: Delicate floral with fresh red berries.
  • Flavour: Sweet, soft and very fresh.
  • Aging: Minimum 2 month
  • Alcohol: 5,5%
  • Best served with: Desserts, especially when based on fresh red fruits.
  • Serving temperature: 8-10°C